May 30, 2023

Hotel Mechi Crown to expands capacity

Hotel Mechi Crown to expands capacity

JHAPA, Feb 24: The capacity of Hotel Mechi Crown, operated in Mechinagar, Jhapa, is going to be expanded. The capacity of the hotel operating in the Far Eastern city will be expanded.

Mechicrown, which has been recognized as a deluxe five-star hotel, was initially built with an investment of one and a half billion. Now the capacity is going to be expanded by adding investment. Investors have planned to expand the infrastructure by looking at the current capacity and market demand.

After the casinos and the hotels near the border are full of Indian tourists, the investors have started the big expansion plan.

A complementary environmental impact assessment has been carried out to expand the capacity of the hotel.
Hotel Mechi Crown has been operating since 2077. Currently, this hotel has 101 rooms and 185 beds. The current capacity is difficult to meet the demand and the investors are going to double the capacity by anticipating the increasing demand in the future.

The company has plans to expand its capacity more than twice as compared to the present. The company is planning to add 150 rooms to this hotel. After adding these rooms, there will be 485 beds. After the addition, the hotel will have a total of 251 rooms. It will be the largest hotel outside Kathmandu.

The supplementary environmental impact assessment report has been published by the Ministry of Forests and Environment for suggestions. The hotel has facilities like spa, sauna, swimming pool, gym hall, casino.

Two more buildings will be built in the hotel. The hotel, which has already got permission for 9 buildings, will build 11 buildings by adding 2 more.

The hotel now has a casino, spa, swimming pool, gym and other facilities. The company has said that more modern facilities will be added from the infrastructure that will be expanded after.