Jun 23, 2024

Baglung village constructs green park to attract tourists

Baglung village constructs green park to attract tourists

BAGLUNG, Feb 23: Bareng Rural Municipality in Baglung district has constructed a green park with the aim of attracting tourists, said the rural municipality. The park is located at Sukhaura of the rural municipality-5, at the centre of Deurali, Bhaisekhola and the Chhaharekhola waterfall, a tourist destination, linking Salyan, Sukhaura and other tourist destinations. 

The park cost Rs 800,000 allocated by the Gandaki Province and the rural municipality in the current fiscal year, 2022/23, said Ambar Bahadur Serbaja, chairperson of the rural municipality-5. 

Situated 1,700 meters above sea level, the park has potentiality in terms of tourism, he said. "It is located in the centre of the village. Local people can rest and enjoy here. Lately, children are engrossed in mobile phones. The park has been constructed to make children spend their time outside in the environment and attract domestic tourists. There are many construction works to be done. They will be completed by allocating budget in the next fiscal year," he said. Construction of resting places and fencing and management of drinking water have been over. Work like building a toilet and planting tree saplings remains, he said. 

The park site has much potentiality to attract tourists, and the park has been equipped with tourism infrastructures, said the rural municipality chair Krishna Prasad Sharma. "We have stressed the publicity and the construction of tourism infrastructures after identifying tourist destinations. The park has been envisioned accordingly. The place is rural area. We are trying to connect art, culture and custom of the village with tourism." 

The park aims to attract as many as domestic tourists and raise living standards of the local people through incomes from it, he said. 

Sukhaura and Salyan villages produce local organic products like potato and beans, and arrangements would be made for tourists to stay one day and night in the village, he said, adding that it aims to promote these local products by providing them to visiting tourists as a gift. 
Other tourist destinations at the rural municipality-3, Satyawati Temple at Batakachaur, Bhaisekhola and Chhaharekhola waterfall, have been also promoted, he said.