May 21, 2024

Sixth Shuklaphanta Tourism Festival begins

Sixth Shuklaphanta Tourism Festival begins

KANCHANPUR, Feb 23: The sixth Shuklaphanta tourism festival has started in Kanchanpur from Tuesday.

The festival, which started with the basic slogan of 'Economic Prosperity, Tourism Development and Infrastructure', was inaugurated by Durga Dutt Bohra, Head of District Coordination Committee Kanchanpur.

While inaugurating, Bohra emphasized that Shuklaphanta National Park should be made a tourist destination. He suggested that all the municipalities of the district should emphasize on the internal tourism promotion program from their own side.

Various programs have been organized in the festival which will be held for 10 days. On the second day of the festival, journalists from Kanchanpur will visit the Shuklaphanta National Park, on the third day there will be cleanliness in the park premises, on the fourth day there will be a discussion on tourism promotion and on the fifth day there will be a friendly football match.

Similarly, it is said that the sixth day will be bird watching, the seventh day will be secondary level oratory about conservation and tourism, the eighth day will be observation in Hirapur, the ninth day will be a discussion on domestic tourism promotion and the 10th day will be completed with other programs.