Jun 20, 2024

FNCCI Senior VP Dhakal says investing in tourism infrastructure in all seven provinces

FNCCI Senior VP Dhakal says investing in tourism infrastructure in all seven provinces

SURKHET, Feb 21: Chandra Prasad Dhakal, senior vice president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI), has said that he is working to build tourism infrastructure that is clearly visible in all the seven provinces.

On the 4th Karnali festival, Senior Vice President Dhakal said that he is preparing to invest heavily in tourism infrastructure to become a new tourist destination in all the seven provinces including Karnali province.

"When I am going to lead the FNCCI after some time, I have thought of starting 77 projects in all 77 districts of all 7 provinces. That plan can be in any area where there is local potential. Be it tourism, agriculture and infrastructure or other productive sectors. I am thinking of taking the local businessmen together and carrying out the project in collaboration with them,' he said.

Stating that preparations are being made for investment in tourism infrastructure in Rara of Mugu under Karnali Province, he said that investment in tourism infrastructure will be made within a short time so that everyone will feel it.

"We are investing in tourism infrastructure as you will see in a short time," he said. We are ready to cooperate with you.'

"While being the leader of Nepal's private sector, I was in charge of raising investment on behalf of the FNCCI, on behalf of entrepreneurs and businessmen from all over the country and on my own behalf," he said.

'Furthermore, we have here the former president of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, Jiba Lamichhane. We have already cooperated with them. Their investment can also be brought in,' he said.

He said that when the government makes policy rules without discussing with the relevant parties or stakeholders, there will be difficulties in the implementation of such policy rules and the intended purpose will not be achieved.

'There is a practice of making policies and rules without discussing with the concerned bodies. The private sector is kept as a witness in most of the policy making. Due to this, the said policy rules cannot be implemented and it cannot give the desired results. Therefore, let's make the policy rules by having the necessary discussions with the concerned agencies, by making them participate,'' he said.