Apr 13, 2024

Tourist Police suggestion to Ministry of Tourism to increase the manpower for tourist security

Tourist Police suggestion to Ministry of Tourism to increase the manpower for tourist security

KATHMANDU, Jan 27: The Tourist Police, which is being mobilized for the safety of tourists, has extended language training. The manpower assigned to protect the tourists has been sent to training in different languages including French and Chinese.

According to DSP Sugandh Shrestha, communication with tourists will be easier if the police are proficient in the language. He said that limited manpower will be given necessary training along with language.

According to the rate of traffic in the country's tourist areas, the number of tourists of different languages, the service of the tourist police also needs to be expanded. The ministry has been receiving suggestions that it is necessary to add manpower to increase tourist safety.

Tourist Police is a unit of Nepal Police. But it is not a relatively autonomous department.

In the ministerial briefing program of the tourism department, DSP Shrestha said that there is a need to increase manpower along with a permanent office for the security of tourists visiting various destinations. He gave this suggestion to the Ministry of Tourism.

"The human resources we have, our structure is not enough. The service would be more effective if the basic building for questioning tourists who are in trouble is a "safe house'', he said. 219 of them are employed.

According to him, only 105 people are working in Kathmandu. The tourist police units located at the head office Bhrikutimandap are located in various tourist destinations outside the valley. They have very few human resources.

Tourist police operating in 18 districts including three in Kathmandu and 15 outside Kathmandu have been working through a total of 28 units including 10 in Kathmandu and 18 outside Kathmandu.

The unit of the police has been helping foreign tourists visiting Nepal in cases where they are abused, cheated, robbed, beaten, etc. Although the government has introduced the concept of a separate unit of the police to help in the service sector of tourists, it has not been able to take the possible work out of it.