Apr 13, 2024

Sales mission program for tourism promotion

Sales mission program for tourism promotion

KATHMANDU, Jan 27: Nepal Tourism Board has started sales mission in various countries to revive the Nepali tourism sector after the Covid pandemic.

According to the annual program of the board, such programs are being held in different countries and it will make the tourism of Nepal more sustainable. Dhananjaya Regmi informed.

According to the annual program of the board, sales mission programs have been started in various countries in collaboration with tourism professionals. We expect that this will help bring Nepal's tourism back to normal.' He said.

The board in collaboration with Nepal Association of Travel and Tour Operators (Natta) has completed the sales mission and BTUB program in Varanasi (Vanaras) on January 10th and Gorakhpur on January 24th, and will organize the program in Lucknow on January 27th.

Tourism entrepreneur from Nepal and Indian tourism entrepreneur participated in the program. 11 different travel companies of Nepal, Buddha Air and tourism entrepreneur from Lumbini and Bhairahawa regions are also participating in the sales mission team.

In the program organized in Gorakhpur and Vanaras, Nepal Tourism Board Manager Suman Ghimire gave a presentation on Nepal's tourism and said that historical, religious and cultural relations between Nepal and India are strong and cooperation between Varanasi and Nepal in religious tourism can be done and this will benefit both countries.

He urged the Indian tourism entrepreneur to visit Nepal and sell Nepal packages as Nepal is an excellent tourist destination in all respects, nature, culture and adventure.

NATTA's central member and program coordinator Vishnu Pandey said that Nepal has emphasized on cross-border tourism with special attention for Indian tourists.

He said that Nepal is always ready to welcome Indian tourists and said that the tourism activities of the BTV program will promote the tourism of both countries.

Likewise, Chandra Prakash Shrestha, President of Siddharth Hotel Association and central member of Hotel Association Nepal said that Nepal is an excellent destination for Indian tourists and said that Nepal is ready for hospitality.

In both programs held in Gorakhpur and Vanaras, the Indian side mentioned that Indians want to visit Nepal, and asked the businessmen to prepare special packages for the tourists, that there should be easy movement of vehicles entering Nepal through the border.