Apr 13, 2024

Sita Air to conduct test flight at Dang Airport on Friday

Sita Air to conduct test flight at Dang Airport on Friday

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: Sita Air will conduct a test flight at Dang Airport on Friday.

Air fares are expected to drop if private airlines fly to Tarigaon Airport in Dang. Earlier, Sita had flown to Tarigaon airport when this airport was a grass field.

Recently, Nepal Airlines Twin Otter aircraft have been flying four days a week.

There are flights on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The fare from Dang to Kathmandu is a minimum of 8,800 rupees and the fare from Kathmandu to Dang is a minimum of 9,000 to a maximum of 12,000 rupees.

Sita's 19-seater  Dornier aircraft are scheduled to conduct a test flight at 1 pm on Friday.

Sabita Nakarmi, the corporate chief of the aircraft, told Tourismmail that Sita has started flying again at Tarigaon Airport on the initiative of the former president of Tulsipur Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bimal Rizal.

"If the weather cooperates, we will have an official tour in Dang tomorrow," she said.

Nepal Airlines has not reduced passenger fares even though a fuel depot has been established at Dang's Tarigaon Airport and fuel filling facilities have been added. Rizal said that private airlines are also requested to fly with the aim of getting some concessions even if the common people are not able to board the aircraft due to high fares.

Dang's Tarigaon airport is only 750 meters long and 30 meters wide, so big planes cannot land here.

This airport v. no. It has been operational since 2011. Even though the airport expansion has been discussed time and time again, the expansion work has not been completed yet.