Apr 13, 2024

Country could not get proper benefits from tourism : Tourism Minister Kirati

Country could not get proper benefits from tourism : Tourism Minister Kirati


KATHMANDU, Jan 24:Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has expressed his displeasure that the country is not getting proper benefits through tourism. 

Speaking in a discussion with the department of tourism on Tuesday, Kirati mentioned that all the goods used by tourists have to be imported from abroad. He said, 'After giving foreign food to the tourists, the money went abroad, what will we get when the five-star hotels are operate by foreigners? Nepali is it only heavy lifting and washing dishes?'

He said that it is sad that the ecosystem of tourism could not be connected. He said that there is a situation where goods have to be imported from abroad to feed the tourists and he emphasized that the goods produced in the villages of Nepal should be increased by linking them with tourism.

"Through tourism, let's connect one relationship to another in the economy," he said. 'There is a great development of tourism in the economy, the department should bring a new program in it.'

He urged to work only to decorate the beautiful nature without spoiling it. "Let's not destroy, let's protect," he said. "Reached the cement house in himalaya area, but neither the technology nor the facilities."

He says that even if Nepal brings in only 2/2 percent of the tourists from there, it will be enough because half of the world's population lives in the two neighboring countries of Nepal. He instructed them to start tourism infrastructure and cultural preservation. He also informed that all agencies under the Ministry of Tourism should be exemplary in cleanliness and that they will be monitored. He also instructed them to provide easy services to tourists by making Nepal's tourism technology friendly.