Jun 20, 2024

Buddha Air sales Beechcraft

Buddha Air sales  Beechcraft

KATHMANDU, Jan 22: Buddha Air, have sold its first commercial flight aircraft.

Buddha started his flight from aircraft 'B1900D'.

The company has sold the aircraft after 25 years of flying. Buddha said that it sold aircraft because it is easy to fly to all destinations through ATR. After flying in Nepal for 25 years, the Canadian company has purchased it again for commercial flights.

Even though it is an old plane, Buddha said that the company bought it because the plane will work after repair.

Buddha, which has sold old Beechcraft, is adding ATR-72 aircraft. Buddha's ATR aircraft are now flying to various destinations.

Buddha made its first commercial flight on October 11, 1997 with this aircraft.

The company flew these 18-seat aircraft regularly for 25 years. For the past three years, the company had kept these planes for sale.

Buddha Air, the largest in the Nepali domestic air flight market, has 11 ATR-72, 3 ATR-42 aircraft with a capacity of 72 seats.

The airline plans to purchase three more ATR-72 aircraft.