May 21, 2024

NTC Trade unions demands to punish who blocked telecom service

NTC Trade unions demands to punish who blocked telecom service

KATHMANDU: It is well known that the active unions in Nepal Telecom have been repeatedly drawing the attention of the company management on issues such as institutional reform, quality and efficient service delivery, institutional governance for the benefit of the customers.

In this context, since 17 Jan 2074 at around 12:00 PM, GSM MOBILE and PSTN services have been completely blocked for some time, and our serious attention has been drawn to the suffering suffered by the customers and the loss suffered by the company.

Disruption of the company's services is not a common issue during the important time when the cabinet expansion and the swearing-in program of the newly appointed honorable ministers are taking place.

Due to the fact that the blocked services of the company have not been able to be completely agile, correct and regular, serious questions have been raised about the working style and efficiency of the company's management.

It is our opinion that such problems have occurred in the past and to prevent such problems from occurring in the future, an internal investigation committee will be formed and a report will be prepared.

Regarding the problems in the company's GSM MOBILE and PSTN services from around 12:00 p.m, 17 Jan 2023, which system and for what reasons did the problem appear?

How much damage has the company suffered? Whose responsibility and liability is this? We strongly request to investigate such matters clearly and take proper BACK UP and Preventive Measures to prevent such problems from recurring in the future, to prepare an expert team to carry forward the work and if found guilty of such acts after investigation, to take full action against the guilty and to collect compensation.

At this time of current competition, we would like to draw attention to this organization, which has the responsibility of providing accessible and reliable telecommunication services throughout the country, so that such incidents do not happen again and again.