Apr 15, 2024

Smugglers killed two rhinos in Chitwan National Park

Smugglers  killed two rhinos in Chitwan National Park


CHITWAN, Jan 21: Smugglers has killed two rhino on the banks of Narayani river flows through Chitwan National Park(CNP).

Two rhinos were found dead on the banks of the Narayani River in Madhyabindu Municipality Ward No. 2 of East Nawalparasi on Friday.

According to Ganesh Tiwari, information officer of the CNP, an adult female rhino around 14 years old and a four-year-old boy of the same rhinoceros were killed by the smugglers. After seeing the dead rhinoceros, the locals informed the park and the army.

The horn of the female rhinoceros was found in a severed condition, so the park says that this rhinoceros may have been killed by a smuggler. Chitwan National Park Information Officer Tiwari said that an investigation is underway into the death of the rhinoceros.

This is the first incident of rhinoceros being killed by poachers in the park in the current financial year.

Haribhadra Acharya, chief conservation officer of the park, is on a foreign tour. This year, including these, 10 rhinos have died. The park claims that 9 rhinos died of other natural causes.