Apr 13, 2024

Tight regulation and effective monitoring necessary to ensure safe air services

Tight regulation and effective monitoring necessary to ensure safe air services

KATHMANDU, Jan 19: The accident of the ATR aircraft of Yeti Airlines, which has been providing regular service in Nepal's airspace, on January 15 in Pokhara has shocked the Confederation of Nepal Industry (CNI).

The CNI issued a statement on Thursday and paid emotional tributes to all the local and foreign passengers as well as the crew members who lost their lives in the accident. Also, the CNI has prayed that the family members of the deceased will be given the strength to endure this unprecedented injury.

The tourism committee of the CNI has expressed concern that the loss of human wealth caused by the air crash is irreparable, and it may also affect the Nepalese tourism and aviation sector, which has barely started to recover after the Covid-19.

In the past domestic and international air accidents in Nepal have had a negative impact on our tourism industry, as such accidents also have the risk of slowing down the tourism sector which is being established as a strong foundation for the sustainable prosperity of the country  the CNI says.

For the time being, the inquiry and investigation commission formed to study the accident should conduct an objective, scientific, transparent and fair study and prepare a report promptly and publicize the facts and convey the message to the national and international community that the government is aware and serious about Nepal's air safety. For more credibility, the association suggests that it would be better if international experts were involved in the investigation of the accident.

Since coordination and communication are important during times of crisis, the CNI is of the opinion that necessary steps should be taken to protect the investment of the private sector from the state agencies and protect the image of the destination. The tourism committee of the CNI has also requested the government to take necessary measures to ensure safe air services including tight regulation and effective monitoring.

'Tourism is a fundamental competitive ability and high potential sector of the Nepalese economy. Tourism is an economy that runs on the activities of traveling from one place to another," the statement said. "About 80 percent of tourists travel by air and most of the trips to beautiful and remote destinations within the country are made by air." is a major requirement. Therefore, it is very important to improve it firmly.'

In the last few days, unverified content that creates confusion in social media is going viral and foreign media are making a basis for it. Realizing the responsibility of citizens to be more responsible in the current times, the confederation has requested that when using social media, they should only trust the facts and authenticity of such materials.